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We’re M-Solutions, and we provide innovative products and services for people experiencing disabilities and barriers, and their families, as they conduct their daily lives.

We offer specialized roadside services, adaptive vehicle safety products, medical equipment warranties, remote mental health counseling, service animal medical coverage, and discounted prescription services.

Since our founding, our experts have been creating and sourcing powerful and necessary support solutions for individuals, families, Veterans, businesses, and affinity groups, facing greater challenges than most, throughout the US and Canada.


Comprehensive Roadside Assistance – Tow, Transport & Tech Support
Adaptive vehicle owners deserve more comprehensive care than traditional roadside services can provide. Tow operators are not equipped to deliver customized care, and additional transport. Mobility Roadside Assistance delivers that care, along with peace-of-mind.

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Affordable repair and replacement for medical equipment dealers and affinity groups.
Let us help your clients or members. Dealers and groups wishing to assist their constituents in maintaining durable medical equipment, can enroll in our unique and affordable warranty sales program. Helping them repair or replace their vital equipment.

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Vehicle Safety Products – Manufacturer or After-Market-Installed
Research indicates that current brake-light systems can be significantly improved by a very simple and easy-to-install modification (at home or via a local repair shop) to increase visibility and performance of braking notification of those driving behind a vehicle ...

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Discounts from America’s best medication access program, servicing a network of over 65,000 pharmacies.
Finding every possible way to save money, matters now more than ever. We offer a deep discount program for the vital medications and health care devices, that people experiencing disabilities and other barriers face each and every day.

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Pet Medical Insurance – Caring for our Companions
The deep, personal connection between people and their pets and service animals cannot be easily articulated. We offer discounted, broad-coverage insurance from America’s largest pet insurance provider and network, with a specialization in service animals.

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A complete solution for your emergency roadside needs.
Towing for your vehicle, safe transportation for you and your passengers.

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I am a paraplegic and I got the towing fully expecting that I would never have to use it. Well in March I had a blowout on the interstate. When we called Mobility Roadside Assistance for assistance, I explained that I’m in a wheelchair and I was with my wife and son. They sent a tow truck and “paratransit” assistance, coordinated the whole thing and delivered all of us safely to a tire store. Everything was taken care of by Mobility Roadside including the repair of our tire and we were back on the road within 2 hours.

Our dachshund required emergency surgery on his back and thankfully we had taken out ASPCA Pet Health insurance on him a few years back! Without the insurance we would never had been able to afford this type of surgery and we would've had to had our just 7 year old boy euthanized. That would've broken our hearts. It certainly has been a life saver for him and for us as well!

Straightforward warranty purchase process. Questions were answered quickly and clearly. I have not needed to use the warranty claims yet but hope that the process at that time will be fluid as well.

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