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What We Do

Since our founding, our team has been continually adding products and services to the list of powerful and necessary support solutions, for individuals, families and groups, facing greater challenges than most. Our goal is to ensure peace of mind, and to make sure our customers and families are “never left on the side of the road,” … literally, or figuratively. We strive to drive awareness of amazing products, solutions, and group benefits available for Individuals, Families, Veterans, and Businesses, throughout the United States and Canada. We have created easy to deploy, scalable and sustainable support solutions.

We Provide:

  • Comprehensive Accessible Emergency Roadside Assistance – Tow, Transport & Tech Support
  • Durable Medical Equipment Warranties - Retailers, Direct to Consumer, Affinity Groups, Assisted living Facilities
  • Automotive Warranties and Safety Products – SafelyBrake: Dealer, Manufacturer, After-Market-Installed
  • Pharmacy Prescription Discounts – Over 65,000 Pharmacy participants
  • ASPCA Pet Insurance – Caring for our Furry Companions including Service and Emotional Support Animals

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