Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mobility Support Solutions

Mobility Support Solutions is an extension of FNI Works Inc. and our private label for certain products in the marketplace. Jim has been in business for nearly 40 years, operating for 21 of them as FNI Works Inc. Prior to FNI Works, Jim was founder and CEO of Multi-Lines West.

What makes Mobility Roadside Assistance (MRA) different from any of the other emergency roadside companies?

While they are good at normal roadside issues, we offer more to help you if you and your passengers if you are mobility challenged. In addition to having nationwide towing coverage in the US and Canada we also send a paratransit vehicle at the same time to get you and your passengers safely to where you need to go. MRA also offers assistance when you have technical issues with your wheelchair, lift/ramp or scooter. This includes up to an hour of a technician’s time on the phone, or travel time to reach you. Additionally, MRA offers tire repair and replacement that goes far beyond your typical roadside coverage offered by your tire store.

Is there anything I have to pay out of my pocket in regard to a tow or paratransit?

No, just sign and drive. There will be nothing out of pocket. The only exception would be for fluids, or if you had to go beyond our limits which are, 25 miles for paratransit and 100 miles for towing.

If I am broken down in my driveway, do I qualify for your services?


Are there any places your service is not provided?

We cover all of the USA and Canada.

Are there any vehicles that cannot be covered?

Any passenger vehicle or vehicle with a weight rating of under 1 ton gvw can be covered.

Do you cover motorcycles for mobility challenged people?


If I have a problem with my wheelchair lift or ramp, what help does your company offer?

MRA will pay for 1-hour of a technician’s time to troubleshot or fix your unit’s problem.

How long does it take for a tow vehicle or paratransit to get to me normally?

Our normal time is within an hour.

If I have an issue with my wheelchair (or scooter) what is the process to get help?

By calling 1-800-246-0979 we will place you in touch with either a technician from the dealership you purchased the MRA contract from, or we will have a factory technician contact you to troubleshoot any problem you might have. We will pay up to 1-hour of the time needed.

What if there is no tow or paratransit vehicles available with your service in some areas?

Call us and we will assist in arranging a tow truck. Simple provide us with a copy of your receipt and we will reimburse you. Incidents such as this occur less than .5% of the time.

What might the cost be if I chose to have the paratransit service take me farther than 25 miles?

The average is around $3 a mile depending on the state.

What happens if my wheelchair or non-vehicle equipment breaks down?

We coordinate with the dealership closest to you to fix or repair your equipment.

If I have a flat tire and no spare, what does your service offer me in the way of help?

Mobility Roadside Assistance (MRA) will tow or winch your vehicle to the nearest tire shop to fix it. Then MRA will pay up to $25.00 toward the repair

What if my tire can’t be fixed?

MRA will pay up to $150.00 to replace your tire.

If I run out of fluids or gas will the tow company be able to bring some to my location?

Yes. We will deliver up to 3 gallons of gas or diesel. We will also deliver and fill oil, water, antifreeze of necessary. You are only responsible for the cost of the fluids.

Do you cover my family's other vehicles as well?

Yes, that coverage is offered under the family plan and will cover up to three vehicles.

If I am locked out of my vehicle what do I do?

MRA will send a locksmith to your location and provide the service you will need. We don’t pay for replacement keys but we will cover the cost of getting the locksmith to you.

What if I can’t find my contract?

Contact the issuing dealer or supplier and they can get you a new copy.

Can the MRA contract be transferred to a new owner of the vehicle if I sell it?

Yes, contact the issuing supplier and they can help you with the transfer.

How long of a contract can I purchase for Mobility Roadside Assistance?

Coverage of up to 5 years is available depending on where you purchase it. Mobility Roadside Assistance is the only company in the industry that allows purchase of more than 1 year of coverage at a time.

Can the MRA be renewed after it expires?


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