Every year, Kersey Mobility of Sumner Washington holds an annual “Northwest Ability Expo”. Mobility Roadside Assistance™ is proud to join Kerseys’ Mobility Expo. Come and join in on the fun and festivities. Lunch will be provided. This year will be well attended.

Mobility Roadside Assistance™ is the one and only roadside assistance company in the United States and Canada to offer Accessible Transportation to its members when experiencing a roadside emergency. Not only do we offer paratransit but also technical support to our members if they should have an issue with their chair, scooter or even their ramp and lift.


A recent study showed 7.1% (just over 20 million people) reported an ambulatory disability in the United States. 10 million of these folks were between the ages of 21 and 64. Until Mobility Roadside Assistance™ stepped in, there was no one that could get mobility challenged people, their equipment and family members to a safe place in an emergency.

Even though mobility device users represent a minority of the disabilities population. The importance of these mobility devices overshadows their numbers. So much so that wheelchairs have become symbols that strongly associate the concept of disability.

For mobility challenged people to have access to everything non-mobility challenged people have access to, widespread reform is still needed. This has become front and center with many advocacy groups. Yet, there is still very little data on the size and scale of accessibility barriers faced by people who use these devices.

Our commitment is to be the best roadside assistance program in the United States and Canada, focused on the mobility challenged population at large. We want to be your go to provider for mobility roadside assistance. Your safety is our priority.

Mobility Roadside Assistance™ provides peace of mind through full service roadside assistance including paratransit pick-up for mobility challenged people, their families, vehicle’s, and equipment.