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The people you serve, commonly receive a limited-warranty from OEMs, but the importance of maintaining a long relationship with them, and the life-improving equipment they buy, extends well beyond that repair scope.

Retention and long-term relationships with them may rely on their ability to count on you for original product offers PLUS quality follow-on experiences and coverage.

Offering a truly competitive and quality extended repair, or replacement service, is a great way to elevate and extend those relationships.

With our unique offer, retailers can provide product-specific extended coverage, at the point-of-sale, or purchased up to 9 months after! … and affinity groups can provide monthly claim-specific coverage for ANY COVERED DEVICE! … no matter their time or location of purchase!

M-Shield is a unique, reliable, and custom-designed service that can remove the worry related to keeping equipment in great working order. This allows you to offer your clients or members a deep sense of security and peace of mind while building your dealer brand or affinity membership program.

Developed by professionals who have dedicated their careers to assisting people in overcoming difficulties obtaining service and support and achieving improved quality-of-life in difficult circumstances,

M-Shield delivers the following:

  • Rapid claim response
  • Easy-to-use web portal
  • On-Site service for your device for specific categories
  • Seamless, real-time communication with our
    USA-based operators
  • Notifications about product recalls or updates

No matter the individual configurations or needs, M-Shield has an option for them.

We provide:

  • For Retailers: Extended warranties at the time-of-purchase … or within 9 months of purchase.
  • For Affinity Groups: Monthly coverage for medical devices, up to $3,500 in annual claim value.

Coverages can be adjusted at any time.

We also provide an easy-to-use web portal for client’s filing claims and obtaining rapid service.

Rapid claim response

On-site service for specific categories

Seamless, real-time communication with our USA-based operators

Easy-to-use web portal for clients filing claims

Notifications about product recalls or updates

M-Shield Warranties cover the following devices:


Hearing Aids







CPAP Machines

Heating Pads

Electric Blankets

Adjustable Beds

Glucose Monitors

Pill Dispensers

Insulin Pumps

Cholesterol Monitors

Electric Toothbrushes


Oxygen Machines

Handheld Massagers

Medical Alert Buttons

Air Purifiers




Sound Machines


Blood Pressure Monitors

Pulse Monitors


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